“The Four Letter Word….Fear” – by Lily Maino, M.S.

Fear stops us in our tracks. It makes us sweat, shake, and doubt. Fear is that four letter word that controls us. Even when we know there is nothing to be afraid of, it can make us back away from our dreams, postpone our goals, and keep us stuck! Fear is like a bad bully on the grammar school playground, making us change our direction, forcing us to give up our needs, leaving us lonely and full of doubt. 
So what happens, when as an adult we are overtaken by fear? Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of commitment. Fear of loss. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of death. 
I’m currently facing fear and quite frankly, I’d like to ignore the playground bully and hold my head high. But I find myself backing down. I’m letting the fear win; giving it power. As I back down the fear grows and I listen less to myself and more to the doubt. 
My fear is of the unknown. Fear of how it will all turn out. I want the blueprints so I can know which turns to take, where the risks are hidden, and how to navigate to the light at the end of the tunnel. Those blueprints don’t exist. 
So either I can put my goals on hold or I can face the fear with faith. Faith that I will be given the tools, that I will know which turns to take, and that I will have the patience and determination to see this through until completion. Faith to grow inside me to drowned out the destructive voice of fear. Faith to energize me, to motivate me, to keep my vision clear. 
Survival is not enough, so I will not let fear drive my life. My faith will conquer my fear, will provide for my strength and will allow me to do the work that I am called to do; to change lives and to live passionately by pursuing my dreams.
I know where I get my faith. Where do you get yours?
                                                                                                                 – by Lily Maino, M.S.

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