“Road Trip” – by Lily Maino, M.S.

1 nearly fatal tater tot choking incident
2 deer nearly hit
3 Seasons of Duck Dynasty (Happy, happy, happy)
4 bags Doritos
5 mountain dews
6 prayers for guidance
7 books that we didn’t read
8 items in our survival kit- flashlight, batteries, safety whistles, mace, fix a flat, emergency blanket, knife, Tylenol
9+ hours of talking about and clarifying our vision
10 cups of coffee
Road Trip+
1538 miles of driving
The gifts of collaboration, creativity, trust, friendship, motivation, and a clarified vision for our future partnership.

We are currently driving home from our adventure in Montana and though we are both therapists who know all about life’s journey and how it often does not go as planned, but as we need it to, we are struggling to make sense of this trip. We left Thursday afternoon and drove all night in high spirits when we arrived in Helena, Montana at 1 am.

We spent Friday in class all day listening to stories of Trauma and Grief but our high spirits could not be shaken. We were both so excited to visit a teen maternity home that we thought would be “exactly what we want to do”. I think we both thought that this organization would take us under their wings and all we would have to do is emulate them to create a successful teen maternity home. However, that was not the case and we were let down after our rapid-pace tour of the home.

I am sure they are doing great work and helping lots of teens… But our vision is different.

And now comes the hard part, clarifying our vision, writing it down, creating a model, and then finding the right people to help us along the way.

So our road trip adventure to Helena, Montana didn’t turn out exactly as we had planned. But it turned out even better because now we have a vision that is truly ours that we can pursue with our hearts and our heads knowing that it is ours to create.

“Road Trip” – by Lily Maino, M.S.


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