“Joy, Compassion,…” – by Lily Maino, M.S.

Joy, compassion, mindfulness and equanimity. These are the strengths that I need to practice on a daily basis.

If I can be joyful to be alive; to see each day as a precious gift, I can allow gratitud


e into my life. If I can have compassion for others, but first for myself, I can have grace and forgiveness. If I can be mindful of each moment; staying in the here and now, I can be open to the lessons I need to learn. And if I can have equanimity, I can allow others to have their own journey and allow myself to have mine. 
Joy, compassion, mindfulness and equanimity do not come easily. The come with a daily commitment to myself. They come only with a dedicated practice in which I make time for them and set my intentions to be present for them. 
Most of us live life with little thought of our purpose and intentions. I challenge you to set your intentions for your greater good each day. Just as you wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth because you did it yesterday, each day we have the opportunity to do something for our mental health. It only takes a few moments and I challenge you to make the time to connect with your purpose.
                                                                                  – by Lily Maino, M.S.

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