“The Emotion Train…” – by Kendra Silver, M.S., LPC

Emotion train-blog
Today as I was driving in to a meeting I was praying and asking God to make it clear to
me if doors were being opened or if the door was shut.  This was a meeting I was in great
anticipation of – hoping this would be a good contact and person to partner with in our
great adventure.  As I sat through the meeting I realized that we were not a good fit, as
our visions were different, and began to feel very disappointed.  After the meeting, I was
talking to Lily and acknowledged I felt really let down.  Lily kindly reminded me that we
had asked for doors to be shut if they were not the right path for us.  Wow – I got stuck
because I wanted it to be a good meeting and then allowed myself to be overcome with
disappointment when it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.
We often allow our current emotion rule our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  The
reality is our emotions do not last very long – unless we fuel them.  When we fuel our
emotions we are jumping on the emotion train and taking it for a ride.  We go wherever
the train is headed.  We are at the mercy of the emotion train conductor.  If we sit at the
railroad crossing and allow the train (emotion) to pass, we can experience the emotion
and then when the train (emotion) has past we can move forward safely.
I am not very good at waiting at the railroad crossing.  Sometimes I need to be reminded
to watch the train rather than jump on board!

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