“Football Lesson” – by Kendra Silver, M.S., LPC

My 13-year-old son says to me, “Mom, come play football with me”.  I am ALL for any time my kids want to spend with me. So, I agree to play with him.  After about thirty minutes of throwing the football back and forth, receiving a few lessons on how to correctly throw the football and even some kudos of “nice spiral” – I am ready to cut off my arm it is so tired and sore.  As I explain this to my son he politely replies, “It hurt after the first time you started running, but you didn’t quit.  Push through Mom!”
It is in these moments I bask.  I realize that he has been listening even when I thought he was ignoring.  I realize that he knows how to encourage rather and let me quit.  I realize that I am not only his biggest fan; he is my biggest fan as well!
There are times when we think our teenagers are oblivious to what we are trying to teach them, arrogant, self centered or even too busy for us.  Then there are the moments they want to spend time with us and even want to encourage us.  Sometimes we are too busy to stop and throw the football, but I encourage you to relish these moments. 
What have you learned from your teenager by spending some time with them?
– by Kendra Silver, M.S., LPCMy Biggest Fan

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